Off to a Roaring Start

2024 has seen us facing the exciting and fulfilling task of… well, fulfillment! It was this time last year, around March of 2023, that we were madly trying get Blank Me ready for its May Kickstarter. Lo and behold, we succeeded! Our first game was finalized with the manufacturer, slated to start fall production, and in the meantime we got to work prepping our second game to follow close behind.

We’re now into March of 2024 and Blank Me is about to get shipped into the hands of our backers!  We expected February, so we’re slightly behind where we anticipated, but we’re thrilled that we got through all the logistics stuff successfully.

We’re also going to be getting Blank Me into an upcoming web store soon, and it will be available through Amazon in the near future.

For the next month we’re working hard to make sure all our fulfillment goes according to plan, and then the hard work continues to get our next game, Rejig, up on Gamefound. Send us a message or hop onto our Discord Server if you want to chat, because we’re going to have our noses to the grindstone for the next while!