Silverspire Games Film Day

The Barn-Loft Set

We didn’t get a typical Silverspire Sunday Update written due to how busy we’ve been with filming our video for the upcoming Kickstarter. Honestly, I don’t know how film studios get anything done on set other than laughing at all the bloopers. But then, we are very much amateurs in the space of cinematography and we were winging just about everything.

We managed to film enough content for our Blank Me Kickstarter video, some ad content, and a how-to-play video. We also had some guest-readers come by to read a few monologue snippets on-screen. Now the somewhat monumental task of editing all these videos begins, which may not be as significant as I’m expecting due to having had reasonable equipment for lighting. But mostly, there’s a lot of cursing to bleep out.

Magus Jeff Giving Direction

What’s next on the agenda you might ask? Other than the editing, we’re finalizing Kickstarter assets and mostly in talks with our manufacturer and other potential manufacturers to nail down final quotes for the game, which will help inform the Kickstarter pledge amounts and rewards. That said, we’re still on track for a mid-May launch date.

So, if you haven’t already signed up, navigate to our Kickstarter pre-launch page and make sure you follow us! We plan on having “early bird” discounts, so if you want to get the game even cheaper than the already discounted amount, you’ll want to be first in line.

Thanks for the view and support. Keep your wand on the ice.

Bloopers, bloopers everywhere!