It continues to be a busy time here at the Silverspire. As we get further into the year we are starting to look at hard dates for Kickstarting Blank Me. While we can’t share too much yet you’ll have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks. That’s right we aren’t talking about months in advance anymore! Our Kickstarter prelaunch page is in the works and should be dropping soon. On top of that as we’ve mentioned before, we’ll be doing a live game day at our FLGS, Quantum Games on March 11 @ 12pm PST. 

We’re really excited to start sharing Blank Me with all of you! 

Now lets see what the wizards have been up to this week..


Golly gee willickers it’s been a busy week. Me and Wizard Jeff, along with our wife, play-tested a project. Wizard Francis confirmed the date for our public playthrough at our FLGS Quantum Games, so I was busy making some advertisements… I’m stoked to flag down some passersby and get them to perform monologues with phrases like “a bottle of anal lubricant” spliced in. I’ve also continued prepping our Kickstarter launch page, and focusing a lot on engaging with the community. Twitter doesn’t feel so alien anymore. It still sucks though.


I’m quite excited to get the upcoming Kickstarter underway, but geez running a KS campaign from Canada makes so many more hoops to be jumped through. To that end, I’ve been finalizing exactly what needs to be done on the business end to get our Blank Me pre-launch page up and running so keep your eyes peeled! I’ve also been making a few mock-ups for the page in advance and I can’t wait for the rest of the wizards to shoot them down this week. Thankfully, last week I managed to rope Crane into playtesting one of my work-in-progress projects, so even if they shit on my Blank Me ideas at least I’ll have my own project where I can shoot down all theirs later. No one appreciates genius these days. Also been looking at adding neoprene options into our prototyping! SCUBA suit game potential awaits!


This week was my first real foray into social media for Silverspire. I’d honestly never done more than sign up for an account on Twitter before this past Thursday. I think I could easily become a twitter addict! It was great to engage with people in so many different fields. That aside, we’ve been working hard to get our main site up to snuff. That has meant a lot of work on my end reorganizing and tweaking site elements with feedback from the rest of the team. As we get closer to our planned launch date there’s a lot going on to make sure we present a reliable, trustworthy face.


While we may have been short a Wizard, we meteorically crushed Episode 01’s recording y’all. My co-Wizards and I are chomping at the proverbial bit to record the next episodes. Slumber this eve assured that there will be many in your future. The Podcast launch of I CAST… RECORD is planned for this March! So for now, make sure those greedy little orbs of seeing of yours continue to watch this space. And follow us on our Blank Me and Silverspire Games socials on Instagram to get more insights and behind the scenes.

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