It’s official – providing everything goes according to plan with Blank Me, we are t-minus 2 months until we release ourselves! The build-up is always well worth it. So what does crunch-time look like?

Read on to find out.

Druid Crane

The continued need for assets kept me busy, particularly with trying to finalize web-based instructions and the instructions that will be part of the game box. I also tweaked and added a few more monologues and responses, which may become a part of the core game or a future expansion. But that’s all boring stuff… Are you ready for the fun part? ‘Cause here comes the fun part: making a Kickstarter video! It’s gonna be great, we have a script finalized and might even rent a studio for a day. Time for Druid Crane to showcase his true acting qualities.

Magus Jeff

Thanks for contacting Magus Jeff at Silverspire Games. I’m currently on a dragon or away from my athenaeum. I will return any messages left with my owl familiar upon my return.

Arcanist Francis

It’s been a busy week! I took over our Twitter account Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Over three days we doubled our number of followers and it’s all thanks to you! Seriously, the community has been amazing. I participated in our first ever #selfpromosaturday on Twitter and it was a blast. I met a ton of new creators got to see a ton of fresh new ideas. We’re really looking forward to upping our community engagement, you people make it worth while!

Occultist Chris

The wait is finally over, this week I Cast Record will hit your favourite podcast apps of choice. If you are reading this (hi dad) there is probably a very good chance you’ve seen Episode 1 on the Silverspire website already, congrats! You will be able to continue to listen to new episodes early by coming back. The blank ME prelaunch has been edging us for weeks, but keep holding strong. It is almost here, and it’s arrival will herald a release for the ages.