Well, we’re getting into crunch-time in the board game dev world, because a release being about 3-4 months away doesn’t leave a whole lot of time, and we’re expecting it to fly by. As a result, we’ve been super busy!

And with that launch date fast approaching, we’ll be trying to post some regular updates on Sundays heading into the home stretch. So let’s hear from the wizards themselves:

Blank Me the Game - Prototype Box

Wizard Crane

I’ve been making some tweaks to the prototype Blank Me game box (Jeff is the nitpicker, but apparently he’s rubbing off on me – whoops, phrasing).

I also started dabbling with some designs for Blank Me and Silverspire Games merchandise! I’m stoked about the possibility that players might one day be able to get excerpts from their favourite monologues with the funnest responses on them. Other than that, I’ve been keeping engaged with the community at large, pledging for a couple of super cool Kickstarter projects and continuing on with our animation projects. The next monologue animation has something to do with buttholes and hemorrhoids but I’m really straining to get this one pushed out in time. Make sure you subscribe to our socials to see the results!

Wizard Jeff:

Another week of printing and testing! We’ve got an upcoming public play-test scheduled at a local game store and I’ve been creating flyers and a table sign to go with it (check out our socials for spoiler images!) Looking forward to seeing more virgin testees in public! First timer reactions are always a treat with this game. Other than that, it’s more boring business stuff for me — dealing with banking and such in prep for the Kickstarter launch. I swear we do more prep than we probably need to, but it’ll pay out down the road I’m sure.

Wizard Francis

I’ve been working with Wizard Crane to get some t-shirts printed for our upcoming game day at our FLGS. We’ll be playing Blank Me with anyone who wants to check it out in a couple of weeks and we want to rep the brand! Speaking of ways to get our name out there… We worked out a social media schedule this week which means I’ll be posting for Silverspire Games on Twitter and Instagram every Thursday. For all you lucky people I say, what a time to be literate?

Wizard Chris:

Like the mushroom-addled dead bodies you’ve seen on HBO, I have spent the past weeks down with the sickness (ooo ah-ah-ah-ah). As we all anticipate upcoming Blank Me events and that juicy Kickstarter, Silverspire Games is also bringing a Podcast to your glorious ear-holes. Voice willing, Episode 00001 (big dreams) has been recorded. Our first endeavour will be supermassive; a galactic accomplishment. GET EXCITED. All four of our delicious word worms will tickle your earwax soon.

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