Silverspire Sundays #10

After a much shorter hiatus we’re back with more updates! This week we started implementing some big changes at Silverspire Games, along with some huge improvements for our followers on all our platforms! On top of that we are getting ever closer to the first production run of Blank Me. While you’ll still have to wait to get your copy keep reading to see what else is coming down the pipeline.

Druid Crane

Our Blank Me game files are off and waiting for our manufacturer to get our prototype made, which means, fortunately, we might have a bit of a lull where we can catch up on social media and other projects. I’ve been testing a number of concepts within a TTRPG setting, with hopes that they’ll help inform our Starborn Legacies gameplay in some way, and I’m excited that our podcasts are now starting to get into the meat of game design. Creating species and talking about the general setting is fun and helps us to get a feel for our own universe, but I think we’re all most excited about establishing the game mechanics. We want to create something truly unique, and I think each of us coming from different backgrounds and experience levels with games will lead to some interesting discussion. Maybe even some arguments. The podcasts should get a lot more colourful I think. Make sure you tune in, and if you want to contribute to the discussion, we always welcome input about our ideas!

Occultist Chris

With the launch of the new website we also have the launch of our community discord! Please feel free to join our brand new gathering space, and please remember it’s a BYOSacrifices environment. Right now its more ghosts than anything else, but this is the perfect opportunity to the full attention of the four of us on whatever you want to talk about. A real 1 apprentice 4 masters situation.

Magus Jeff

It’s been an uneventful week for Blank Me while we’re in the waiting game for the pre-production sample, thankfully once it lands everything should be pretty streamlined. I’ve been getting in touch with additional retailers regarding our late pledge options, so keep an eye out for physical copies in your friendly LGS next Spring! Now that we have a bit of a lull on the crowdfunding side I’ve been able to spend some more time on our other development projects. Excited to show you all about our next launch once Blank Me lands!

Arcanist Francis

With any luck at all you’re reading this on our new and improved website! While the rest of the gang has been hard at work getting Blank Me ready to print, I’ve been working behind the scenes to provide a better user experience on our websites. This has meant moving a bunch of our pages, like I Cast Record, to their own subdomains, setting up better analytics so we can see what content people actually enjoy and generally sprucing up the place. I’ve learned a lot over the last year and a bit of doing this and while there’s a lot that still doesn’t quite hit the mark I think we are really nailing that indie vibe. Beyond that, assuming the site launches and you can read this, I’ll be taking over our social media. What does that mean for you? Well we’re going to be putting out a lot more content like these Sunday updates in the future and engaging with the wider community. To start, there’s going to be a new blog post coming every week, in addition to the Sunday updates, where I’ll be breaking down a discussion we had about a component of one of our projects and dissecting the ins and outs, pros and cons of the direction we settled on. Sometimes this will be about hammering out a mechanic, other times it might be about design choices or even aspects of narrative development. It’s an opportunity for me to keep up with the other acolytes and also offer a sneak peek into our process. The first of these will hit the Wednesday after the site launches so stay tuned!