Silverspire Sundays #11

Did you know we’ve got a podcast? Of course you did, who doesn’t have one these days. Our podcast is really starting to take off, we’re getting more and more listeners every week and with the latest episodes we’ve just finished recording we’ve got a ton more content heading your way. This week we’re really encouraging every one and we do mean everyone, to check out the podcast and head on over to the official Silverspire Discord to ask your burning questions about Starborn Legacies.

Druid Crane

I’m so stoked for all that’s happening right now. The last 2 podcasts we’ve recorded, episodes 13 and 14, have me so excited for the ongoing development of Starborn Legacies. Then add to that the fact that Blank Me is progressing well and we’re getting some late pledges on our Gamefound page, AND that I’ve got a gamebox for a future tile-based word game about to arrive any day, and you’ve got a virtual game-design orgy happening over here. In time we’ll reveal more about some of these other projects, but our focus remains on Blank Me. We’ve got a lot of people who’ve graciously supported us, and we’re going to make this game the highest quality we possibly can. We’re still aiming for a February launch, and so far the only hiccups we’ve run into have been minor ones. OH SHIT DID I JUST JINX IT? No, I’m not superstitious. I’m only a little stitious. (-Michael Jordan)

Occultist Chris

The calm before the storm… If you haven’t, join our discord! Help build our community from the very foundation:

Magus Jeff

It’s been an exciting week watching late pledges roll in! If you’re still on the fence check out Blank Me over on Gamefound, we’ll have the pledge manager open for another month or so before closing. Everything is still on track to be landed and delivering by February! Outside of late pledges things have been pretty low key this week, I’ve been working on some of our business finance organization, and I’m in the midst of reaching out to retailers to let them know what we’re about and to show them just how cool Blank Me is. If you want to see it in your friendly local game stores go tell them!

Arcanist Francis

What can I say? Those late pledges are rolling in, our podcast is on track and growing, looks like smooth sailing. But wait! What’s that over the horizon? It looks like a giant X or maybe a little blue bird? Oh no is that some kind of camera lens icon?

Aaah, it’s the crushing weight of responsibility. As a lot of you probably know growing a following means spending a lot of time on social media. While Druid Crane takes care of the more artistic Instagram I’m currently representing Silverspire Games on Twitter(X) and Threads. This just started this month and it’s been a bit of a rocky start getting a solid schedule going and figuring out what kind of content people want to see from us. That said I think I’m getting the hang or it. Now to just make sure I’m posting more consistently.