Silverspire Sundays #12

With Blank Me well on it’s way we are starting to get serious about some of the other games we have on the go. First up is Rejig! This one has a real story and history behind it. As the lead designer of both Blank Me and Rejig, we’ll leave it to Druid Crane to fill you in.

Druid Crane

I’m super excited to announce that the prototype game box for our tile-based word game called Rejig is here! And apart from a couple of little tweaks to colours and a few minor adjustments, it’s a pretty cool looking box! Someone who knows a lot about colour theory told me these colours make your ‘eyes vibrate’ and your brain kind of simultaneously hates them and loves them, which is honestly a fitting description of Rejig. YOU WILL LOVE IT, but you might board flip once in a while… Which is okay because after each round the tiles need to be flipped anyway! Win-win.

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Occultist Chris

Your favourite Occultist completed another revolution around the local Star. In celebration he fucked around and found out in a Lorcana draft, losing to Magus Jeff in humiliating defeat. On the upside, he learned that a draft where faction colours can be ignored, it turns out, is actually pretty balanced. This knowledge was internalized for future projects. Also Witchdoctors infinitely summoning undead baboons is gloriously O.P.

Magus Jeff

Magus Jeff was unavailable for comment this week. 

Arcanist Francis

I’ve been working 7 days a week for the last 3 weeks and a I am dead tired. However, I am still finding time for passion projects. Recently I’ve been able to put a lot more time into hammering out some more of the mechanics for a scifi skirmish game I hope we’re able to produce. Eventually… I think the concept is really cool. A lot of these kind of games really railroad you into playing the characters from the setting. For my game I want to create an experience similar to RPGs where the setting is provided and the players populate it. What does this mean for players? For starters there are no preset stat blocks. You build and decide every aspect of the miniatures you bring to the table. No named characters or preset loadouts, these are your dudes. With any luck at all I’ll be able to share more about it in the future but with so many games in the pipeline, it might be a while. Stay tuned!