Well it's time for another Sunday Update! This time on a Monday... We're just one month away from our first Kickstarter campaign and there's been a lot to do. Let's dive in!


Being on a “film set” was super fun. 90% bloopers but we managed to record a solid Kickstarter video, an ad, and we got some nice new promotional shots of the game and its components. I’m also taking the “word game to end all word games” to the next level by ordering 10 more prototype copies, which are going to be shipped my way in a week.

I’ve been hard at work asking others to do more work for me! Specifically getting some updated quotes in preparation for our launch to make sure all our pricing checks out and we aren’t caught with any surprises down the road. Other than that I’ve been having fun making some animations and trying my hand at some memes. Sorry… I’ve been dank memeing! Danking the memes! That’s the one.

I wasn’t very active with the business this week while I recovered from the plague. That’s what you get for sending your kids school I guess? What I have done is continue tweaking our website. More importantly we’ve been doing a ton of work to get advertising set up so we can send Blank Me to the moon. I now understand why marketing is so expensive. A lot of work goes into things behind the scenes. Anyway… It’s up and running now!

Well dear readers, I am officially an actor now. That’s it, game design career over, fire up the lightsabre because we are taking this youngling out. Acting is what I was made for, it turns out. Not directing though. Nope. Sure, I can Act as one… I just can’t act as one. In roughly one month you will see the fruits of our collective labour. And if you are eagle-eyed (or Google sees it fit to bequeath you) perhaps you may see some snippets a bit sooner.

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